Cable assemblies

When talking about the cables assemblies you cannot disagree that the key component of assemblies is probably a cable itself. Cable’s properties largely define the quality and characteristics of obtained signals.

Application of the MCX cable

The microcoax wire (MCX) is an excellent solution for cable applications. MCX cable’s features make it an ideal material for ultrasound probes, catheters and advanced endoscopy along with other industrial applications where non-destructive inspection and testing are required.

Types of cables

Depending on their destination cable assemblies may have different construction. We selected three main types of cables ...

Material for MCX

Let’s finally talk about the properties which make MCX such popular material for cable applications especially in medicine ...

Cable assembling

The process of cable assemblies manufacturing includes several stages - from raw cable processing to a packing of full cable assemblies. Each stage means different operations ...

Examples of cable assemblies

Today Akutron successfully manufactures cable assemblies with wide range of design and manufacturing support.

Examples of cable assemblies

We strive to exceed cable performance requirements while improving our own techniques. That helps us ensure optimum performance as well as long-term reliability of our cable assemblies.