Our code of conduct

1. Enhancing Awareness of Social Responsibility and Corporate Ethics

Adhering to the principle of “Obey the law and walk the path of virtue”, we will develop our corporate activities in an ethical manner, with full grasp of our social responsibility and the potential effects of our corporate activities. As we conduct business on a global scale, we will comply with all relevant international conventions and the laws of each country, while striving to understand each country’s local religions, cultures and customs in order to contribute to regional economic development.

With the aim of generating the highest possible customer satisfaction, we will engage in the development of unique basic technologies and new technologies that empower us to continue providing high quality, reliable products. In achieving this aim, we will conduct fair and appropriate business transactions with our suppliers. Based on an awareness of social responsibility shared jointly with our business partners, we will carry out corporate activities to realize mutual growth.

2. Promoting Truthful Communication with Society

We will disclose appropriate corporate information in a timely, fair and transparent manner to our shareholders and other stakeholders. At the same time, we will endeavor to establish a relationship of mutual trust with society through well-coordinated two-way communication.

3. Thinking about our next generation – An environmentally friendly solution

Recognizing the importance of protecting the environment, we will ensure effective and environmentally conscious utilization of limited natural resources in order to bestow a clean environment to the next generation. Through creation of new products and businesses that bring new value to society, we will base our sustainable growth on the provision of high quality products in harmony with the environment.

4. Fostering the Welfare of Employees and Society

We will create a safe and ideal workplace, embracing the great diversity of our individual employees and their capabilities, while promoting their personal development through work. As a good corporate citizen, we will continue efforts to contribute to society through sincere, nondiscriminatory corporate activities based on mutual trust with all members of society.