Electronics production

Akutron provides all the infrastructure to produce high quality electronics at a highly competitive price level. We offer a range from complex manual soldering works to fully automatic circuit board assembly.

To produce electronic boards assemblies with different level of complexity we use automatic SMT, reflow soldering and wave soldering.

High Level Assembly Tester for cable checking

A very special field of Akutron activity is a production of testing system for automated cable assembly checking namely HLAT (High Level Assembly Tester).

HLAT is a test system that consists of Main Unit, several adapters and a set of cables. HLAT is intended to check operability of cable assemblies and to measure their parameters e.g. wire capacitance, resistance or inductance.

HLATs are used by our specialists to control process of cables assembly. And we also export our testers to other cable assemblies' manufacturers.

Our cable testing devices are a great example of the perfect integration of development and production processes.

Electronics engineering

Akutron also offers a wide range of possible services in the electronics development sector starting from PCB design to complete systems engineering.

PCB designing

Our services are:

As usual we design PCBs as different parts for medical cables assemblies - various interposers, flex boards, control boards etc. The main goal for such details is a miniaturization. Nowadays electronics demands extremely small trace widths, clearances and hole sizes. This is a quite complicated task not for PCB manufacturer only but for board designers as well. And Akutron accepts this challenge. In order to minimize PCB's dimensions we used to rely on our engineers' talent and modern manufacturing technologies like laser-drilling, via-in-pad, via plugging etc.

Our specialists are also capable of designing electronic devices with different complexity level. Among the results of our development are speed signalling device, cable assemblies testers, LED modules, device for ultrasound diagnostic etc.