Our history

Akutron started its history in 2004 in Kyiv. Firstly our main task was manufacturing of highly specialized coaxial cables for medical ultrasound probes.

Since that time we have increased the variety of our goods and services and gained a great experience in our business. We have already manufactured an imposing number of different types of medical cables and designed a lot of electronic and mechanic devices, acquired new partners and set up good relations with worldwide suppliers.

Today our company consists of about 100 people - engineers, solderers, mechanics, managers. Despite Akutron has quite considerable experience in Ukraine and worldwide market this is only a beginning of our story. We are full of ambitions and ideas. And we continue to conquer the world improving our goods' and services' quality.

A brief timeline of Akutron's history:


Company's foundation.


Akutron became ISO9001 certified.


Akutron joined Hitachi family.


Akutron became ISO13485 certified.