Mechanics production

Akutron produces different kinds of injection molds for industrial use. We offer sourcing solutions for your industrial production process by delivering high quality mechanics starting from basic metal parts up to highly complex multi component parts.

Producing of mechanical parts

We are capable to produce and process any metal and plastic material according to your specifications or have our in-house engineering department create a design for you.

Producing of metal mechanical parts

Producing of plastic mechanical parts

For manufacturing we have a great machines park which provides diverse machining services like:

Milling (CNC)

The important advantage of Akutron's production is a capability to manufacture small and medium volumes (1-5K pieces). Another remarkable feature is that we perform design validation by quick in-house manufacturing.

Mechanical engineering

In addition to our mechanics production we also offer a mechanical engineering service as well. Team of our mechanic engineers proposes our customers:

For designing our specialists use 3D-Solidworks® software.

Mechanics designing

For more detailed questions on available technologies and machinery please contact our main office. Our Commercial department will gladly answer all your questions.