Our quality policy

Since foundation the company had established a quality policy in order to comply with international quality standards and modern industrial trends. Up to now the policy contains base principle of work, development and further company growth.

Akutron management takes efforts to involve all personnel in realization of main policy clauses in their everyday work:

Company policy is being achieved by:

Akutron team declares its policy and follows it up in order to become a social responsible member of society and deserve a deep trust level of all partners.

Company’s motto: Quality is stability and prosperity of the Company.

Quality Management System

Akutron has implemented a quality management system in comply with standards ISO9001:2008 and ISO13485:2003.

The quality management system covers all company processes and activities. Almost all works are ruled and documented that allows to take processes under control and achieves good and expected results.

We guarantee high quality of products which are fully tested and certified in a prior to release.

Akutron also takes care much to cooperation with customers and suppliers by continuous communication. Quick feedback to customers request is a priority of each team member.

Maintenance and improvement of our quality management system is being done by highly motivated and experienced professionals who have an ability to solve any complicated task working as one team.

Quality Management System Certification

Quality Management System was firstly certified in 2006 and up to current time QMS yearly surveyed and confirmed its compliance by TUV SUD Management Service GmbH. TUV SUD certificate confirms the compliance with ISO 9001:2008 standard.The scope of certificate is design, development, manufacturing and distribution of cable assemblies, related electronics, their metal and plastic parts, provision of electronics and mechanic engineering services.

In the beginning of 2014 Ukrainian centre of medical certification and prognostication had confirmed the compliance of Quality Management System with ISO 13485:2003 standard for medical devices manufacturers.

The scope of certificate is Design, development, manufacturing of electronics, metal and plastic parts (coaxial cable assemblies for ultrasound diagnostic systems).

Certificate ISO13485:2003 Certificate ISO9001:2008